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Saxenda UK Weight Loss Injection

Saxenda is a once daily injectable medication that is used to help people lose weight (Saxenda, 2024). The active ingredient in Saxenda injections is Liraglutide (Mayo Clinic, 2023). Studies have shown that Saxenda can help people lose more weight than if they were dieting alone and it is most effective when following a reduced calorie, low fat diet as part of a proper weight management plan (Saxenda, 2024). This weight loss drug is intended for adults over the age of 18 with excess weight (BMI ≥27) and obesity (body mass index ≥30) or weight related problems (Saxenda UK, 2024).

Saxenda treatment is not indicated for high cholesterol or high blood pressure (Saxenda, 2024). It is also not a treatment for diabetes (, 2023)



Saxenda is an effective weight loss, injectable medicine. It works by suppressing your appetite as well as reducing overall cravings.

All supplies come with additional Saxenda needles.

Find out how to administer Saxenda on the official Saxenda website.

As Saxenda is required to be kept chilled, your order will be sent with ice packs and a temperature controlled pouch. The delivery must be accepted on the first delivery attempt. UK Meds are not liable for any deliveries missed or address errors.

Excluded from all discount codes.

  • Injectable medicine
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Reduces cravings
  • Effective medication
  • Must be kept chilled

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